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March 19, 2014

Here comes another delicious track from local producer and multi-instrumentalist Paolo Garcia a.k.a. Pasta Groove.

Aside from releasing a project under Australian indie label Dub Temple Records, Pasta Groove has worked with other formidable artists like Armi Millare (Up Dharma Down), Kat Agarrado (SinoSikat?), Nikki Cabardo, Caliph8 and Low Leaf.

Check out this new track entitled “Home”, featuring Julianne Tarroja on guitar, Nikki Cabardo on mellotron and flute, Alien Umali on bass and Muriel Gonzales on violin.

Song Review

"It's just glorious seeing a group of people come together to do a collab especially when they seem to be on the same wavelength when producing a song such as "Home". I have at some point watched all of the people involved in this track on separate occasions doing their own thing. Individually they already shine bright. Together, they come up with a different kind of luster. Very easy and steady to the senses. This is sonic sumptuousness with Julianne, Nikke, Allen, Muriel, Erwin, and Paolo. "Home"... how apt. It's like how they are to each other." Zach Lucero

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