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July 29, 2014

An acquired taste. Electronic Noise Wave + Shamanistic Vibes. An experimental indie electronic duo from the Philippines.

Michael Nuesca | Vocal Soundscape, Melodica, Glockens…
Rotsanjani Mojica | Synths, Beats, Noise, Glitch…

Song Review

"Following KaapiN's first collaborative project with Megan Palero, "Taxi Taxi", the electronic noise wave pairing of Michael Nuesca and Rotsanjani Mojica move ahead with their representation of an alternate society's unnatural cycle of dawn and collapse with "Melusina".

The tandem embedded their latest offering's narrative within Palero's own symbolic universe and relied on the elaborate, outlandish character design and metaphors to give life to the discursive evolution of KaapiN's reimagined world. Hinged on uneasy but deeply engaging visuals, "Melusina" plays for the complete immersive audio-visual experience, compelling the audience to listen to a song that challenges their familiar parameters.

While also earning acclaim with their unique live performances and riveting music videos, this new track alone is a testament to KaapiN's sound and direction that's developing tremendously within the realm of today's electronic music. Can't wait for Part III!" - Yna de Leon

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